June 10-11, 2023

Washington D.C., USA

north americaN school of internet governance

AccesSibility and inclusion

A two days summit of lectures and discussion about accesSibility and inclusion

The 2023 North American School of Internet Governance (NASIG) is a capacity-building event that aims to teach the principles, norms, rules, policies, and organizations that shape the internet. Internet governance refers to the development and application of shared principles that guide the evolution and use of the internet and the decision-making processes and organizations involved in shaping it. NASIG also seeks to empower the next generation of internet leaders.

This year, NASIG is being held on-site on June 10 - 11 in partnership with American University (AU). The American University in Washington, DC, is a prestigious institution known for its commitment to excellence and diversity. Founded in 1893, American University is a private research university in the heart of the nation's capital. It is home to a diverse student body and faculty, focusing on global engagement and social responsibility. The school will provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn from world-renowned Internet and Internet Governance experts, with all proceedings presented and taught in English. For directions to the event, please consult the provided venue section.

NASIG 2023 is entirely free of charge and will be hosted by the AU Inclusive Technology Policy (ITP), AU Internet Governance Lab (IGL), Technology, Law, and Security Program (TLS), and the AU Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP)

The theme for NASIG 2023 is inclusion and accessibility, an important and timely topic in internet governance. Inclusion and accessibility ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities to participate and benefit from the internet regardless of their background or circumstances. This includes universal access, digital literacy, and the inclusion of marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the internet has been critical in keeping the world connected. However, the pandemic has revealed that only some have equal access to the internet, and various communities may need help accessing the web due to inadequate individual elements, features, or the overall web experience. Inclusion and accessibility are, therefore, essential areas of study in the context of internet governance, as they address the "digital divide" and work towards increasing high-speed internet adoption for all.

NASIG 2023 allows participants to learn from experts and clarify internet governance concepts around the issues of accessibility and inclusion. A limited number of fellowships will be available. In-person participation is limited to 40 students, and only those with up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination evidence will be accepted. Limited capacity is available for those interested in attending not seeking a Certificate of Participation. Remote participation is also available. We encourage university students, professors, government officials, and professionals in related internet governance fields to consider participating in NASIG 2023.

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