Ali Hussain


Passionate about the Internet operational challenges in wireless networks, distributed systems, and governance aspects involving last-mile wireless/cellular network connectivity. Since 2010, I have been involved in Industrial research, and my bachelor's degree project was also in collaboration with Internet Service Providers (ISP). In the Asia Pacific region volunteered to organize and facilitate various community meetups and conferences. The learning and discussion contributed to technical knowledge in communities within the Internet ecosystem. These amazing learning years contained and acquitted many Mentors, friends, and potential collaborators using the platform of ICANN, APrIGF, IETF, and ISOC.


Over a decade of experience working in the Asia Pacific to gain skills, train teams, and share expertise in Internet operation research. During 2020-2021 worked on RDAP (WHOIS) implementation of IETF standards and technical community outreach. Looking forward to learning about Internet Governance issues in this region. My future interest is Internationalized domain names (IDN) and related technical work. I am also mentoring a group of ICANN Nextgen participants during ICANN77.