Allan Magezi


Allan Magezi NASIG 2023 Student image

Allan Magezi is a Telecommunications Engineering scholar from the Internet Society Uganda Chapter. I passionately advocate for equal access and connectivity for all citizens in Uganda. I have volunteered to organize Uganda National Internet Governance Forums IGF like Uganda IGF 2020, 2021, and 2022. Together with fellow youths, I organized the first youth IGF to discuss internet issues in Uganda.

I have often offered technical support at a global level during the UN Internet Governance Forums. 


I am researching the impact of Inequalities in connectivity and access to the Internet in developing economies. The study also analyses the tools responsible for varying connectivity levels. With my telecom calling, I am passionate about bringing unconnected communities online by promoting public-private partnerships in extending telecom Infrastructure to remote areas of the country at cheaper costs.


I am a second-time fellow at ICANN77 Washington DC; my first fellowship was ICANN73, Puerto Rico. I spend most of my professional time popularizing ICANN's work and impact on the African Region.


I have continued to embrace and promote the new ICANN initiative in Africa called DIGITAL COALITION FOR AFRICA by appealing to stakeholders to join the coalition and pledge to build its mandate. The alliance is the future remedy for building a resilient and safer African internet.


I am the second recipient of the Paul Muchene Award, an award given by ICANN to a fellow from the African Region for their distinguished contribution to a resilient internet.