Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi 


Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi NASIG 2023 image

Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi is a young digital champion with a computer science and telecommunications background. For him, digital technologies must contribute more to a more sustainable future. His passion, determination, and ambition have led him to get involved in the community and become an SDG advocate by sharing and transmitting hope to youth through his work and community engagements. Rachad was selected as an Internet Society Internet Governance Youth Ambassador in 2019. He currently serves as Secretary-General of the organization’s Benin chapter. Also, he provides technical support for Digital Grassroots, a youth organization working to increase digital citizenship at the local level. 

For four years, he worked as a laboratory technician at the University of Abomey-Calavi where he devoted himself to teaching and facilitating practical work for students in telecommunications engineering. During that time, he contributed to the training of electronic technicians on the management of e-waste and the environmental impacts of the transition from analog to digital. Moreover, Rachad is committed to climate justice and the promotion of free knowledge. He uses his voice to advocate for including youth perspectives in development policies and aspires to become a tech policymaker in the next five years.