Bernice Afi Amengbley


Bernice Afi Amengbley NASIG 2023 Student image

I have a degree and master’s in English and Project Management. I am working with Ghana’s National Information Technology Agency, the institution mandated to regulate the ICT space in Ghana and implement ICT policies in Ghana, including the .gov registry. I have worked with the agency for seven (7) years, performing various ICT policies. I am part of the Ghana IGF and work directly with the Ghana NRI Coordinating team. 

I also attended Internet Governance Forum in Addis Abba in, Ethiopia as a Rapporteur for two different sessions. And look forward to attending the IGF 2023 in Japan. Participating in this course will expand my knowledge and expertise in Internet Governance and prepare me for Japan 2023. Hard work, Integrity, and respect are my core values.