Bruno Almeida


Bruno Almeida NASIG 2023 Student image

Bruno is a graduating senior at American University, majoring in International Studies (BA) with a concentration in Global Governance and Comparative Governance and Peace, Global Security, and Conflict Resolution. Throughout his academic and early career, Bruno has worked on numerous issues at the intersection of governance, security, and technology. For his Freshman Seminar, he researched and reported on deep-fake technology and the emerging risks surrounding its development and potential to destabilize political systems and incite conflict.

As an intern at the Guatemala Solidarity Project, he researched and wrote on the Guatemalan Government's use of Pegasus spyware in repressing indigenous activists and dissident journalists for the organization's quarterly report. Later during his time at the Navy League of the United States, Bruno wrote a white paper on the growing use of drones in the Maritime arena and how the Navy could improve the resiliency of unmanned surface vessels against electronic warfare.

Bruno hopes to continue such work and is passionate about finding solutions to reduce harm and maximize the benefit of volatile and emerging technologies. He is committed to finding policy solutions that positively impact society and help ensure that rapid technological advancement does not outpace our ability to govern and mitigate dangerous unintended consequences.