Caleb Kwabena Ayitey Kuphe


Caleb Kwabena Ayitey Kuphe NASIG 2023 Student image

Caleb Kwabena Ayitey Kuphe has over four years of full-time working experience with Sparkx (SM) Ghana Limited as the Assistant Operations Manager and Acted as General Manager. Currently, he is the Managing director of Calbee K. He has traveled to South Africa, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Having been educated by a Ghanaian family, He works across groups, aligning internal team members and external stakeholders, project phases and schedules, arranging support services, ordering supplies, and tracking progress. He brings together business administration expertise and a background in information technology. 

Caleb is an active Internet Society Global (Ghana Chapter) member and Ghana Emergency Telecommunication and Disaster Preparedness Team, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - Advancing Technology for Humanity. Caleb holds a Certificate in Leading Individuals and Engineering Project Teams from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking from the African Computer Literacy Project (ACLP), and a BSc in Information Technology from Wisconsin International University College-Ghana. 

As a past fellow of the pioneer Ghana School on Internet Governance (GhanaSIG) 2020 and Virtual School of Internet Governance, I have an interest in assisting non-commercial organizations to be present online and digitization and a passion for creating awareness of how the internet should work to benefit users in non-for-profit organizations using Technology for Humanity. 

Caleb was part of the IGF 2022 WS #292 organizations using Technology for Humanity. Caleb was part of the IGF 2022 WS #292 Governance Forum, Addis Ababa.