divya ramjee


Divya Ramjee image, AU Faculty

Divya Ramjee is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Justice, Law & Criminology. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security, Innovation, and New Technology; a Graduate Fellow at the Internet Governance Lab; and a Fellow for Washington College of Law's Tech, Law & Security Program. 

Her research interests include cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime, cyber and tech policy, and political methodology. She is also interested in translational data analytics, focused on utilizing data science methods and analytics to address issues of societal importance. Additionally, she is enthusiastic about teaching cyber- and tech-focused courses, statistics, and programming. She is an adjunct instructor at American University’s School of Public Affairs (Department of Justice, Law & Criminology and Department of Government) and the Washington College of Law. 

You can find her on Twitter @qramjee and on her website.

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