Gabriel Karsan


Gabriel Karsan NASIG 2023 Student image

Gabriel Karsan is a tech-savvy activist who champions digital rights, the Internet for all, and equitable technology distribution. He has a background in computer science and over 10 years of Civil Society experience in digital transformation. He uses his skillsets to break complexities in the technology world through championing digital literacies and liberties for enhanced youth civic participation and emerging technologies adoption through projects such as OngeaNaDemokaktasia and the founding of the Sema Platform, a citizen-centric innovation bridging access to representative democratization through real-time polling, ideation and collaboration in grassroots digital communities, offering democracy as a service to humanity leveraging technology.

Gabriel is currently serving as a project lead at Ongeanademokrasia. Africa, where he has been instrumental in driving digital transformation initiatives that have helped to improve access to technology resources for young people across Africa.