Muhammad Altaf


Muhammad Altaf NASIG 2023 Student image

I am Assistant Director (Networks) at Kohat University of Sciences and Technology (KUST). I manage the campus network and Data Center operations at KUST. In addition to that, I am also an active member of our local ISOC Islamabad chapter. We have regular meetings and various events throughout the year from that platform. 


I have been fortunate to work with the ICANN team as a volunteer co-trainer in various DNSSEC workshops/training held in HEC, Islamabad, Pakistan. Since I attended the first PkSIG2015. I have also been actively involved in the Internet Governance discussions within that group which helps our local community better understand Internet governance. I also closely follow the activities of our regional RIR APNIC and keep in touch regarding relevant topics with the acquaintances I have made in all these groups.