Namra Naseer


Namra Naseer NASIG 2023 Student image

Namra Naseer is a dynamic and accomplished professional with over six years of experience in policy analysis, research, and advocacy. She has a proven track record of working with policymaking institutions, moderating high-level conferences, and engaging with key stakeholders on various issues related to foreign and domestic policy. 

Namra's research has been widely recognized and published in prestigious outlets, including the book "The Kaleidoscope That is Pakistan," Stimson Center, the Diplomat, and Foreign Policy Magazine. 

She has also actively developed her expertise in the internet and technology and has a unique understanding of the issues at the intersection of politics, policy, and the Internet. She is a newly-elected Board Member of the Internet Society Islamabad Chapter and is involved with McKinsey, Atlas Corps, and TechChange in different capacities. Previously, she has been a delegate with the World Bank, the Harvard HPAIR, and Goldman Sachs.