Raymond Selorm Mamattah


Raymond Selorm Mamattah NASIG 2023 Student image

Raymond Selorm Mamattah lives in Accra, Ghana. He is the Founder and President of the E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA). EGIGFA is an ICANN At-Large ALS in Ghana. Raymond has led his team to organize the annual Ghana School on Internet Governance (GhanaSIG) fellowship since its inception in 2020.  He is also an African Representative to ICANN's At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC).  He is also the Vice Chair of the Communications Working Group of the Universal Acceptance Steering Group.

Raymond was part of the 2023 global ISOC Nomination Committee (NomCom). He was also part of the AFRINIC's NomCom and served on the GNSO's Selection Standing Committee.

Raymond enjoys sharing his experience on how people could engage in the Internet governance ecosystem.  He is also passionate about mentoring the younger generations, especially about internet governance.