Shadrach Ankrah


Shadrach Ankrah NASIG 2023

I am an Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist and a digital skills trainer. As a young Internet advocate, I provide guidance to youth on Internet governance, help them navigate their way in the ecosystem, and actively contribute to the development of the Internet.

I am also passionate about volunteering and have volunteered for the past five (5) years for the United Nations, the Internet Society (ISOC), and other organizations. Some of my current voluntary roles include AMS Admin for the Internet Society’s Internet for Education SIG, chair of the Emergency Telecommunication committee for the Internet Society Ghana chapter, and being a member of the Ghana Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) steering committee.

Previously, I served as a board member for the Internet Society (ISOC) Youth Special Interest Group, volunteered as a tutor for the Youth Observatory Creating Networks project in 2019, and coordinated the Digital Education Working Group of the 2021 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Project Youth Summit.

Lastly, I am an ICANN77 fellow and was previously awarded the 2018 ISOC Youth@IGF, AFRINIC-31, 2019 Hackthon@AIS, and ICANN72 fellowships.