Shah Zahidur Rahman


Shah Zahidur Rahman has been working with the Internet and application of the Internet since 2006. He is Head of Business Strategy & Development with EyHost Ltd, a leading Domain and Hosting service provider in Bangladesh; he has vast experience with mobile and broadband internet industries. 

Shah is Passionate about Technology Policy, governance, and advocacy and focuses on strategic engagement, partnerships, and networks that build innovative, affordable, and inclusive Internet and software applications for all. He is a member of APrIG – a multi-stakeholders starting a group in 2019 and running Executive committee member of APSIG. 

He has spoken several fora national, regional, and Un IGF on Internet governance issues and also worked in a program committee developing an Internet governance annual event. Shah is former fellow alumni of APSIG, APrIGF, ICANN, and ISOC “Shaping the Future of the Internet,” IETF, and some others. In addition, Shah is a Global Fellow of Missions Publiques “WITH INTERNET” and a Local partner from Bangladesh. He is a freelance consultant for non-profit, private, and other organizations.

Shah holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and a professionally certified strategy course from IBA, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Other than he also has completed several academic courses from Un-APiCT and ICANN learn courses.