Susan Chalmers


Susan Chalmers NASIG 2023 Faculty image

Susan Chalmers is a Policy Specialist with the Office of International Affairs at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).


Susan joined NTIA in late 2015. She has spent 12 years in Internet governance, beginning in 2011 as Policy Lead for Internet New Zealand. She has served as a member of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group on two separate occasions – first as a representative of the technical community and then later as the representative of the United States Government. Her work as a public servant includes representing the U.S. on the United Nations Commission for Science and Technology for Development’s second Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation, co-leading the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Domain Name System issues, and working as the lead U.S. negotiator for the Internet resolutions during the 2022 International Telecommunication Union Plenipotentiary Conference. Susan has served as the U.S. representative to the Governmental Advisory Committee at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers since 2020.


Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Michigan, a Juris Doctor from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, and a Master of Laws from the University of Auckland.