Udeep Baral


Udeep Baral NASIG 2023 Student image

Udeep Baral, an experienced professional in internet governance and digital rights, is an ICANN Fellow with a background in Computer Science. He possesses strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills and is adept at developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, including government, NGOs, and civil society. With extensive experience working with various organizations, he firmly understands policy and regulatory developments in the Internet governance space. 


He has served as a Program Officer at Internet Society Nepal (ISOC Nepal) Chapter, providing technical assistance and capacity building on Internet governance and managing projects to evaluate their impact. He is a founding member of the Youth IGF Nepal and has been awarded the ISOC IGF Youth Ambassador 2019 and the Digital Grassroots Ambassador 2018 Fellowship. 


He is excited about the opportunity to further his knowledge and skills in Internet governance through the North American School of Internet Governance. He is eager to contribute his expertise to the discussions and activities of the program.